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Important Notice: XO Wave is now discontinued as we prepare to bring you the next generation Digital Audio Workstation called Xonami. This site remains available for anyone who purchased XO Wave in the past. However, please keep in mind that as discontinued software:

  • This site may not contain up-to-date information.
  • Technical support is discontinued, though we will do our best to continue to provide email support, especially to anyone who purchased recently.

XO Wave: Region Bin Popup Menu

Region Bin Menu

The Edit window's Region Bin has a specialized menu for performing operations on audio files and regions associated with the session. This popup appears when you click on the button labeled Region Bin > or when you right-click inside the Region Bin itself.

Working with regions can be complex, because even a simple session may have a great many regions associated with it. You can use the options in the menu to help work with a large number of regions. For example, you can search for or rename regions, or you may remove unused regions and files.

If your waveform overviews become invalid, either because they have become corrupt or because the underlying files have changed, you can rebuild them with this menu. You can also clear the Undo list, which is useful for obtaining the most complete list of unused regions.

Find Regions/Files

This command allows you to find regions or files based on their names.

Find Unused Regions

This command allows you to search for all regions which are not used in the session, Undo lists, or copy/paste buffers.

Find Unused Files

This command locates unused files in your session. It is especially useful with Remove Selected Files From Session, for finding and removing files which are not in use.

Rename Region/File

This command may be used to rename the selected file or region; triple-clicking the file or region name is equivalent. If you change the name of a region, the underlying file's name will change as well.

Preview Selected Regions

This command allows you to preview the selected region or regions in the Region Preview area; double-clicking in the Region Bin is equivalent.

View/Edit File Metadata

This command allows you to view and edit metadata associated with the given file. Some of this data will be associated with CD Track Markers, and may be burned to CD using the CD Text standard if you use the Auto Create feature of the Memory Locations Manager.

Rebuild All Overviews

This command may be used to rebuild the waveform overviews associated with all files in the session. This is useful if the overview files become missing, corrupt, or invalid, or the underlying data in the file has changed. Note that you should use extreme caution when changing files inside the session's AudioFiles directory, because certain changes, such as changes to the files length or type, may cause the session to be unusable.

Remove Selected Regions

This command removes the selected regions from the Region Bin, useful for eliminating the clutter that can build up after hours of editing.

Remove Selected Files From Session...

This command removes the selected files from the session. This is useful, especially in combination with Find Unused Files, for removing files no longer needed in the session to reduce disk usage.

Select All Regions

This command simply selects all regions in the session.

Select All Files

This command simply selects all files in the session.

Select All

This command selects all files and regions in the session.

Select None

This command clears the Region Bin selection.

Clear Search

This command clears the search tab of the Region Bin.

Clear Undo List

This command clears the Undo list, meaning that all information needed to Undo previous actions is cleared. This is especially useful in the Region Bin, because it allows you to search for unused regions and files, without worrying that some regions and files will be excluded from the search because they are used in the Undo list.

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