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Important Notice: XO Wave is now discontinued as we prepare to bring you the next generation Digital Audio Workstation called Xonami. This site remains available for anyone who purchased XO Wave in the past. However, please keep in mind that as discontinued software:

  • This site may not contain up-to-date information.
  • Technical support is discontinued, though we will do our best to continue to provide email support, especially to anyone who purchased recently.

XO Wave: CD Track Marker Padding (Technical Note)

Note by Pam Roth (http://www.creatingonline.com)

This Technote explains what XO Wave refers to as CD Track Marker Padding. This and related topics are also discussed in both the CD Mastering Guide, and the Guide to Home CD Mastering as well as the Memory Locations Manager documentation.

CD Players are based on what is now very old technology. In fact, much of it dates back to the 1970's. At that time, jumping to a specific location on the disc was very hard to do, so the specification allowed CD players to start a little after the CD track's actual start time when jumping to a specific track. This affects CD playback significantly in 2 ways. First, the very first part of the first track may not be played back; and second, if the user jumps to a specific track, the first bit of that track may not be played back.

The solution to these problems is to move the CD Track Markers a little bit earlier. In some cases, such as when there is a little silence at the start of your tracks already (a common occurrence if the track was "ripped" from a CD), this is not necessary; however, most of the time, you'll want XO Wave to do what it can to adjust the markers for you. When XO Wave gives you the option to create CD Track Markers automatically, it gives you the option to "pad" the CD Track markers, which moves all but the first track marker forward (earlier in time) for you automatically; this helps ensure that the beginning of the sound on the track is always played back, instead of skipped over.

If you use padding, the one thing you need to keep in mind is that the track 1 marker can't be automatically moved to before the session starts, so make sure to insert a little silence at the start of your session.

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