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Important Notice: XO Wave is now discontinued as we prepare to bring you the next generation Digital Audio Workstation called Xonami. This site remains available for anyone who purchased XO Wave in the past. However, please keep in mind that as discontinued software:

  • This site may not contain up-to-date information.
  • Technical support is discontinued, though we will do our best to continue to provide email support, especially to anyone who purchased recently.
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The Create CD Master Wizard creates CD Masters. CD Masters are sets of files associated with your session that provide complete instructions for creating a CD, including all the rendered audio and the associated CD Track Markers.

Before continuing, you should confirm that your session sounds the way you want and its CD Track Markers are where you want them. For more info on these topics, you can review our tutorials or the documentation for the Create CD Mastering Session Wizard. If you just need help setting up the CD Track Markers, review the Memory Locations Manager documentation.

To create a new CD Master, select File:Burn CD:Create CD Master from the appropriate session.

For more about masters and pre-masters, see our Guide to Home CD Mastering.

Using the Create CD Master Wizard

The Create CD Master Wizard walks you through the steps needed to create a new CD Master from the current session. It compiles configuration information and audio from the session and uses it to create a CD Master, which can then be used to burn one or more CDs.

Create CD Master 1: Introduction Step 1: Introduction
The first step of the wizard simply provides an introduction to the CD Master Creation processes. Read this and then click Next.
Create CD Master 2: Name Your CD Master Step 2: Name Your CD Master
Select a name for the CD Master. By default, XO Wave suggests a name based on the current date, but you are free to rename as you please. Note that since your CD Master is part of a session, there is usually no need to give the master a name that identifies the session.
Create CD Master 3: Setup CD Master Step 3: Setup CD Master
The third step provides a variety of options, but most of the time you just need to review them for correctness before clicking Next. The first set of options lets you choose where you want the CD to end. It can end either at the last CD Track Marker or at the end of the session. If you are using the end-of-session post-roll feature, you will also be given the option of adding the end-of-session post-roll to the end of the session (not pictured). In addition, you can add up to ten seconds of padding in case you have extra-long reverb tails or you want silence at the end of your CD. You can also select another audio engine or disable the default dither. We recommend users of XO Wave Pro use XOengine-double for maximum fidelity.
The bottom of this step shows information, such as what kind of CD you'll need. Most of the time, unless you've added padding, you'll see the message "Note: the actual end of the CD will be padded slightly to accommodate Red Book standards." This just means that the last track may be a bit longer (no more than 588 samples) than you expect so that it will burn and play back according to the CD Audio standard (called "Red Book" because the book was published with red covers).
Create CD Master 4: Burn to CD When Done? Step 4: Burn to CD When Done?
Finally, the Create CD Master Wizard gives you the option of burning the master when you are done. Checking this box will automatically open the Burn CD Wizard after the CD Master is created. The Burn CD Wizard burns a master to a blank CD, so usually you'll want to check this option (the default), if you are just creating a master to burn later, you can uncheck it. Note that because CD Masters are associated with sessions, closing the session will prevent XO Wave from prompting you to burn the CD when it reaches that point, even if the box was checked.

Once your master is created, if you checked Burn CD when done creating master in the final step of the Create CD Master Wizard, you will automatically be shown the Burn CD Wizard and walked through the process of burning the master to CD. If not, or if you closed the session or want to burn a previously created master, you can open up the Burn CD Master window by selecting File:Burn CD:Burn CD.

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