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Important Notice: XO Wave is now discontinued as we prepare to bring you the next generation Digital Audio Workstation called Xonami. This site remains available for anyone who purchased XO Wave in the past. However, please keep in mind that as discontinued software:

  • This site may not contain up-to-date information.
  • Technical support is discontinued, though we will do our best to continue to provide email support, especially to anyone who purchased recently.
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This page contains links to other sites that users of XO Wave may find useful.

XO Wave Reviews

  • Linux Journal wrote an online review of XO Wave in 2006 along with some other free HDRs and DAWs.

CD/Media Duplication

Music Business

  • GetSigned.com Advice and articles for promoting yourself.
  • CDBaby.com Great place for unsigned bands to sell their music online. Not only will they sell your physical CDs, but they also offer services for getting your music into the iTunes Music Store.
  • HostBaby.com Great place for bands to make their own websites without having to be computer experts.
  • iCompositions.com Gives every user unlimited free space to upload and share their creations. Additionally, other users can comment and rate music in order to help artists improve their abilities.
  • Hitsquad Musician Network provides a lot of news for musicians including gear, classifieds, newsletters and more.

QuickTime/Mac Multimedia Resources

Audio Unit Resources

  • Core Audio information on Apple's site explains how Audio Units fit into Core Audio.
  • The XO Wiki has info about using Audio Units in XO Wave.
  • KVR Audio has tons of info about Audio Units and other plug-in formats.
  • Plugins-Audio lists over 1000 freeware VST, VSTi, DirectX, Audio Unit, and TDM plugins. Most of the site is in French, but it is navigable in English.

Music Software Resources

  • DontCrac[k], though primarily for software developers, offers a great list of freeware and shareware.
  • Mac Music is a French and English language community for musicians working on the Macintosh platform.

General Audio Resources


  • Mix Magazine is a great magazine for professional audio engineers.
  • Recording Magazine is a great magazine for musicians as well as amateur and pro audio engineers.
  • Electronic Musician is another great magazine for home and pro recording as well as musicians wanting to record their own music.
  • EQ Magazine features gear reviews & how-to guides, and is another great resource for the modern musician.

Cool Music/Gear Blogs

  • Music Thing lists cool new and old gear and fun things people are doing with it.
  • Making Music lists and describes software, hardware and other music production related stuff.

Royalty Free Music, and Music and Audio Services

  • Partners in Rhyme has a great collection of royalty-free music and loops. Great for podcasting!
  • Trusted Voice provides top notch voice talent.
  • Gemafreie Musik German language site with a nice inexpensive collection of royalty-free music and sound effects in a variety of styles.
  • Massivetracks has royalty free music in a variety of styles available as MP3 and WAV downloads or shipped to you on CD. You can preview and download tracks immediately.
  • Gemafreie Musik Online is the German version of Massive Tracks. The site is in German and sales are made nationally. Music ordered via e-mail or phone is delivered with immediate download links.

Digital Audio Research and Technical Notes

Linux/Unix Audio Drivers

  • OSS: The site of 4front technologies offers audio drivers for a wide array of UNIX variants.
  • ALSA: ALSA provides freely available drivers for Linux.

Equipment Purchasing and Rental

Employee and Contractor Pages

Other Useful Links

  • AES: The Audio Engineering Society.
  • Chip Directory: Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pin-outs and lists of manufacturers, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and much more.
  • Rane's Links This is a great collection of links!
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