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XO Wave: Newsletter 1/7/08: 1.0 is here!

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1.0 Mania! 1.0 Is Here!

XO Wave has been around in beta form for a while, and now it's available as a full-blown release! The big changes are bug fixes for some Leopard issues, so OS X 10.5 users should feel totally at home now, and support for deauthorization, so you can now move licenses from one machine to another. There have also been some cosmetic and usability improvements and we've even packaged the whole thing up into a nice folder so you can easily install the whole package in your applications folder. How quaint. If you've been hesitating, now is a great time to XO Wave.

If you purchase XO Wave before February 1st, you can get %5 off with this coupon code: 1DOT0MANIA, or you can get a free medium, large, X-large, or XX-large Tee shirt (while supplies last), with this code: FREESHIRT. You'll just have to spring for shipping and the shirt's yours.

That's it for now -- 1.0 may not be a lot of news, but it's big enough for a whole newsletter! Keep making great music!

  -Bjorn Roche

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