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XO Wave: Newsletter 1/30/08

XO Wave Newsletter
...but Rock Star IS My Backup Plan

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XO Wave folder


XO Wave 1.0.3 is now here. It's got some bugfixes and is actually a tiny bit smaller than 1.0, so you'll have a few extra kilobytes for audio on your hard drive. Rejoice!

Last Chance for January Offers

In case you've dithered about buying XO Wave, this is your last chance to buy it and get those special offers: if you purchase XO Wave before February 1st, you can get %5 off with this coupon code: 1DOT0MANIA, or you can get a free medium, large, X-large, or XX-large Tee shirt (while supplies last), with this code: FREESHIRT. You'll just have to spring for shipping and the shirt's yours.

Here's my friend and musician Liz pictured in the discontinued organic cotton scoopneck shirt. We've still got all our small through XX-large regular shirts available in the Tee shirt section of our online store.

liz is a rock star! Liz is a Psych grad student (and wonderful musician!) who says:
"Every grad student should have a backup plan."
Amazingly, Liz did not give me a myspace page to link to.

Now that you've all seen how cute you could look in that shirt, you know what the consequences are of not owning one. I can now let you go and do what you're all best at: making great music!

  -Bjorn Roche

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