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Randall Frazier has been promoting music with his company, Massive Music America, for over ten years. Working with both bands and labels, Massive Music has earned a reputation for getting music reviewed in the right places, and played on the right stations.

What does Massive Music America offer performing musicians?

Massive Music is an independent promotions company that specializes in college-radio, print, and retail promotions for artists and record labels.

What do you think is the most important part of promoting music?

Networking and building good relationships.

You work for both artists, and labels. How do these differ? Do you find you can treat artists within a label as a group, or do they each require special attention?

It's really odd to say it, but it's really pretty much the same whether I am dealing with an artist or a label. It all comes down to the individual people, and at the core, we're all kind of the same. Everyone wants what is best for their project, and everyone comes to the table with good intentions. When a label and a band or artist sign a deal or whatever, they form a partnership, and to an extent, rely on one another for the success of all involved. When we are brought in to a project, we share that same goal; we need the album to be successful just as much as the label and the artists themselves.

Why would you recommend musicians use MMA, rather than doing promotion, distribution and so on themselves? What are some common pitfalls that you can help musicians to avoid?

The people at Massive have years of experience in the business and established relationships with writers and radio programmers all over the world. A lot of times, the difference between your album getting a review or not comes down to the one simple thing: did the writer or programmer ever actually hear the CD? Did they even see it come in the mail?

You have to remember that all of these people are being inundated with music every week, and so having someone who speaks with them on a regular basis is really a huge advantage over just sending stuff out yourself and hoping for the best. We can remind a contact to look for the CD, tell them all about it, and keep asking until we get a response. In addition to that, since we do this work all the time, we know what each contact likes to receive (as far as the style of music), and so we're way more efficient (and thus cost effective), than just sending the CDs out and hoping for the best.

As for distribution, I think that the chances of securing any real distribution without first doing some promotion are quite unlikely. At Massive, we can help devise a strategy to take your label through the right steps to secure distribution- and more than that, we pride ourselves on our amoebic ability to work with any sized operation.

How long have you been in the business? How did you get started? Are you a musician yourself?

I've been doing this for close to 10 years, and I started out as a radio tracker (on the phones) for another company. I originally got that job just trying to learn the business for my band, and the rest is history, so to speak.

Any other advice for aspiring musicians?

You can make anything happen, but only if you put %100 of your heart into it. If you are in the music world in any capacity, you have to live it and breathe it.

How do you use XO Wave?

I am an audio engineer at several venues in Denver and I also run a small recording studio/record label called Helmet Room Recordings. I have been using XO Wave on location to record live performances from a matrix mix from the house board. Generally, I will have a CD for the band before they head home after their set. Bands seem to love it.

What is your favorite XO Wave feature?

The main reason I use XO Wave is because it can drop CD Tracks into the project in real time. As a band is playing their set, I am recording and dropping tracks in between songs, and then I don't have to go back and master it later at the studio. XO Wave creates a Red Book CD Master right on the spot. This is really an invaluable feature in the live music scenario.

I have yet to tap into the multi-tracking aspect of XO Wave, but I am heading that direction. I plan on bringing room mics with me and combining a stereo pair with the matrix mix, but I'll be doing the same thing- Dropping tracks in and making a Red Book CD on the spot.

I have also found the support to be awesome, and as it is being developed, new features are always coming up. XO Wave is the best value out there for recording software, hands down.

What other software do you use?

In the studio, I use Cubase, Mackie Tracktion, Reason, Absynth, Wavelab and tons of other peripheral stuff. when I am working on location, I am using XO Wave.

Anything else you'd like to say about XO Wave?

I'm excited to see what the future has in store. Thanks for making such a well thought-out application.

Massive Music
Randall Frazier


Massive Music America

"XO Wave is the best value out there for recording software, hands down."