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Pedro Carneiro
Pedro Carneiro
Composer and Percussionist

"An excellent tool for classical music - the cross-fading is particularly precise and it allows for quick editing of recordings..."

Pedro Carneiro is one of the very few percussion players to have made an international career as a soloist, and has established himself as one of the world's foremost solo percussionists, performing regularly throughout Europe, the far east, and the USA. He has been using XO Wave since the earliest beta releases.

You are both a composer and a percussionist. Do these two professions come into conflict?

Not at all and in fact, I think they complement each other. I find that every musician should compose, even if for fun - it's a DIY experience. It helps understand better the creative process and helps being a deeper performer, attempting to perceive, decipher and delve into the music, into the score.

What first attracted you to percussion?

As a child, it was the simple fact that it had so many different instruments, a bit of eternal fun -- from a kitchen pan to a five octave marimba!

How do you use computers and electronics in your compositions and performances?

I use the computer for music notation (for composing, arranging and transcribing), Max/MSP for doing live electronics patches (very useful for playback of works with marimba and "tape", for instance) and for composing electronic music. I always use spatialization, so my pieces are always for at least, four channels. (samples)

Tell me about an exciting performance you recently did.

Performances with live electronics are particularly exciting, due to the nature of the interactive computer part. A very exciting piece I premiered and have performed since is Cort Lippe's "Music for Marimba and Computer", which I premiered at the SARC in 2004. The thrill of premiering the piece in such a phenomenal space and working with such an exciting composer was very special.

Any advice for young composers and performers?

Explore, analyze, question, search, seek, conceive, invent, learn, feel, perceive, study, sample, execute, perform, present, react!

How do you use XO Wave?

For recording and sound editing of live recordings as well as editing for my wife's RSG (Rhythmic Sportive Gymnastics) class. A lot of these RSG exercises are short (1'30" exactly!) and a lot of editing is needed in order for them to sound convincing.

What are your favorite XO Wave features?

The way cross fading works - love it!

You told me once about using an early XO Wave Beta and Skype to do a session remotely. Can you tell me a little about that?

Yes, I used XO Wave to record my own percussion part of an exciting project with Pedro Rebelo and Franziska Schroeder. Using XO Wave means I could use a better interface than Pro Tools mbox. It behaved really well. (More Info)

What other software do you use?

Pro Tools, Audacity, Max/MSP, SoundHack, Cecilia, Wire Tap, NoteAbilityPro, Sibelius, etc, etc!

Anything else you'd like to say about XO Wave?

An excellent tool for classical music - the cross-fading is particularly precise and it allows for quick editing of recordings, allowing for easy correction later on! Well done and keep going!